A trip to go trailblazing with his Boy Scout troop turned into a life-altering day that Adrian and his parents could have never imagined. On January 30, 2016, Adrian’s mom received a call from another mother that there had been an accident involving Adrian and a tree. Thinking that Adrian had just fallen and sprained his ankle, she and her husband were shocked to pull up and find more police and emergency vehicles than they were expecting.

In a freak accident, a tree had fallen on Adrian and critically injured him. Over the next 24 hours, the race was on to save Adrian’s life. The accident had resulted in Adrian losing half of his blood and a portion of his left lung. In addition, he suffered a traumatic brain injury, a broken left femur, 11 broken ribs, a fractured right pelvis, multiple compound fractures down his spine, and a severed brachial plexus. Due to the intensity of his injuries, Adrian was put into a paralytic state to prevent any complications from movement.

Adrian is a miracle kid today because he survived! He is now back to a normal life thanks to the PICU at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, inpatient rehab at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and the Occupation Therapy department at Siskin. Although he does not have full use of his left hand, he is back in Boy Scouts and enjoying being a great 7th grade student.

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