April 23, 2016 started out like any other day for Bralynn and his family. Even though Bralynn was only 19 months old, he loved waking up with the rest of his family to help out with the chores, especially bathing the horses. It was a very hot day, so Bralynn spent the rest of the time playing in the water.

At 4:20 p.m. Bralynn’s father was leaving to run some errands. As he was backing out of the driveway, he heard a “thump”and thought he had hit one of their dogs. However, in an improbable accident, Bralynn had been run over. Bralynn’s mother immediately rushed him to White County Hospital. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, a Life Force helicopter was already waiting to take him to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

Bralynn was in the hospital under pediatric trauma care and inpatient rehab for two months and four days, undergoing many surgeries. Thankfully, each procedure was successful and within four days of returning home, he was already crawling and walking again!

Today, Bralynn attends physical therapy once a week and occupational therapy twice a week. He has two surgeries left, but both are expected to go smoothly. Bralynn has surmounted many obstacles and loves being a big brother to his younger sibling, Jace. His mother sums up this amazing recovery best, “Bralynn is surely a miracle child.”

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