What started as a normal Sunday morning at church for Brynn and her family soon turned into a life-changing journey they would never forget. Due to a previous diagnosis that determined Brynn had suffered damage to the cochlear portion of her inner ear, she had fluid buildup and hearing loss that affected her balance.

That Sunday morning at church, this condition caused Brynn to fall from a stool, injuring her head. Her parents and a nurse from the congregation did an initial assessment and knew Brynn needed to be rushed to the ER.

Immediately upon arrival at Children’s Hospital, a CT scan revealed that Brynn had fractured her skull and severed an artery in the brain causing an epidural hematoma, a form of bleeding in the brain. With only minutes to save their little girl’s life and no definite answer on potential outcomes, Brynn’s parents made the difficult decision for their daughter to have brain surgery to relieve intracranial pressure the hematoma was causing.

The remainder of Brynn’s story is truly a miracle. She spent six days in pediatric intensive care, where she spoke her first words after the accident, “Me roll tide.” It was a very fitting statement from the sole Alabama fan in a house of Vol supporters. Brynn continued to make progress as she passed swallow tests and finally moved the right side of her body. But an even greater miracle came when a final test revealed that Brynn was hearing perfectly! As Brynn’s mother puts it, “her story is a testimony of a modern-day miracle.”

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