May 15, 2016 started as a normal Saturday for Jagar. He got out of bed, raided the refrigerator, and went outside to play and ride his bicycle. Around noon, his brother took the riding lawn mower out to get some chores done. As Jagar watched his brother mow the lawn, he decided that he wanted to help. After two laps of riding on the lawn mower, Jagar decided that he was done and jumped off the lawn mower as it was still moving. Jagar did not jump far enough and his right foot slipped under the mower deck catching the blade. His brother immediately picked him up and ran inside the house.

At the time Jagar had only thought it was a bad cut and could not feel any pain. As soon as his parents saw what had happened, they raced to the emergency room in McMinnville, TN. The ER staff took one look at Jagar’s foot and immediately called for a helicopter for transfer to a center better equipped to handle his trauma. They gave his parents the option of which hospital they would like to go to and they chose Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

The moment Lifeforce arrived at Erlanger, trauma physicians immediately started working on Jagar. Pain was the biggest concern, but a nerve block was put in the help ease Jagar’s discomfort. His parents say that “the medical, plastics, and anesthesia teams were incredible with managing his pain and informing us of all the options and plans.”

Today Jagar is a happy, healthy, rambunctious little boy with a lot of drive and determination. He is running, jumping on the trampoline, and roller skating. His parents say, “He is an inspiration to everyone who knows him and also many people who do not.”

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