On May, 12, 2007, at 11:10 a.m. Jameson came into this world weighing 1 pound, 7 ounces. His mother, Christy, who had severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, was only about 25 weeks pregnant. Though this was her first pregnancy, she knew something wasn’t right due to severe back pain and headaches. She went to her doctor and was quickly transported to the labor and delivery ward at Erlanger Hospital.

While at the hospital she was given one round of steroid injections to try and boost Jameson’s lungs before delivery. Typically two rounds of steroid injections are delivered, but because of her severe pregnancy complications, she was only given one and was immediately rushed into the emergency room for a C-section before the second round could be administered. It was in the delivery room that she said, “It was the first most terrifying moment of my life”.

Jameson was born, immediately intubated, and rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Christy remembers thinking, “How is a baby that small going to defy the odds?” Jameson was born with very underdeveloped lungs and an x-ray revealed that things did not look bright for his future. He went through many different ventilators until he ended up on one called “the jet.” The jet was a last resort. If Jameson could not breathe with this type of ventilation, there was nothing else they could do for him.

However, Jameson was a fighter. He thrived on the jet and was eventually placed on a conventional ventilator. From then on, he jumped over as many hurdles as possible. On August 29, 2007 at 6 pounds 15 ounces, he went home oxygen-free for the first time!

Eight years later, Christy was expecting again. This time, it was a girl, who they had named Aurora Rae. In the beginning months of her pregnancy, everything felt normal. However, around the middle of January, Christy started retaining fluid and experiencing high blood pressure, two of the same symptoms she had with Jameson.

At only 23 weeks, Christy was administered an experimental drug being tested to battle the symptoms of preeclampsia. On January 31, 2016 at 4:16, Aurora Rae was born weighing 1 pound 3 ounces and 11.25 inches long. Aurora Rae was born with underdeveloped lungs and was taken to the NICU where she was intubated. She was diagnosed with premature lung disease and had to have a PDA ligation performed. At only two pounds, Aurora had heart surgery. She was put on a ventilator and eventually transitioned to a CPAP. After a few weeks, she moved to a high flow oxygen cannula. After 120 days in the hospital, Aurora left on May 30, 2016. Though their lives have been a fight since day one, Jameson and Aurora have proved time and again that they are born fighters. Christy says that her babies are “truly miracles. They have overcome every obstacle that one could imagine, and have come through with flying colors.”

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