What started out as a normal day for Kolt, turned into a life-changing day for him and his family. On April 28th his mother, Jordan, received a call from the babysitter that Kolt was not feeling well and had a fever. Kolt had always been a healthy, playful boy, so when Jordan got home from work and to find him looking “lifeless,” she rushed him to the ER.

Doctors did several tests confirming that something was wrong with Kolt’s blood counts. He was sent to Erlanger where doctors discovered that he had Leukemia. Within the next 24 hours, Kolt began treatment. The family met with pediatric oncologist, Dr. Jennifer Keates-Baleeiro, and Kolt immediately had surgery to place a port, and was given his first dose of chemotherapy.

Kolt spent three weeks in the hospital. On May 18th, the day after his second birthday, he was finally able to come home. Today, Kolt is in remission. Though there have been a couple rough patches, Kolt has been able to get back to his old playful self. He has two and a half years of chemotherapy left, but Jordan says, “I know God will bring us through it because he hasn’t failed us yet”

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