Like most toddlers, Madison suffered from multiple ear infections when she was little. At age three, her parents decided to go through with a routine operation of placing tubes in her ears. The staff at Erlanger did a remarkable job and Madison’s ear complications ceased for three years.

At age six and a first grader, Madison was a star pupil. However, her teacher began to suspect that something was amiss. Her teacher noted that Madison was not acting like herself as she began to “escape into another world” and even fall out of her chair. The suggestion was made that Madison be tested for ADHD.

After being tested, an audiologist suggested that Madison have her hearing checked. The results from Madison’s test produced high scores suggesting that she did not have a disorder, but that she was suffering from hearing loss. Her parents listened to the audiologist’s advice and took Madison to have her hearing checked. These results concluded that Madison was suffering from hearing loss.

The tubes that had been placed in Madison’s ears when she was three had not fallen out like they were supposed to and had torn a hole in her ear. With the help of speech and physical therapists at Children’s Hospital, Madison began to experience improvement. However, throughout her speech and physical therapy, she also experienced three unsuccessful surgeries to restore her hearing.

After the final unsuccessful surgery, Madison’s parents decided to fit her with a hearing aid. The hearing aid combined with advice from one of her physical therapists to enroll her into dance classes is what turned her into a miracle kid and a young entrepreneur! Madison has been wearing a Cochlear Baha Softband, a headband hearing system, and is scheduled to have an implant in the next year.

Madison’s story goes further than just her diagnosis. She has taken all the adversity that has been thrown her way and turned it into something spectacular. Seeing that many kids her age do not have the opportunity to dance like she does, Madison, her best friend, and her cousin have used a love for dance to form I.M.P.A.C.T. (I MUST PICK UP A CHILD TODAY) and offer children of all ages free dance lessons. With such generous and loving hearts, they have partnered with Jump for Ja’Maya and have become Kindness Ambassadors for the Generation On program.

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