Rylan’s is a story of the unknown. On July 14, 2014, he was born a healthy and happy baby boy. A week later he made a trip to see the genetics doctor, Dr. Cathy Stevens at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. Dr. Stevens noticed that Rylan had a few of the same unique facial features as his older brother Pressley. Pressley was born with chromosomal abnormalities and was diagnosed with developmental delay, failure to thrive, and suspected Noonan syndrome. However, Ryan’s features were not as pronounced as Pressley’s. He was referred to a cardiologist just to be safe, and everything checked out fine.

At four months old, Rylan began to experience developmental delays. He could not support his head and his mother, Brittany, became worried. Doctors ran chromosome tests, CT scans, and MRIs to figure out the cause of the delays. All the tests produced normal results. There were no answers as to why Rylan was experiencing severe developmental delays. Even so, he was finally able to hold his head up by himself at six months of age. He became a supported sitter at one year old, started army crawling at 16 months, and finally started walking at two years old.

At six months old, Rylan was admitted to the hospital for a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and an ear infection. It was at this point that Rylan took a turn for the worse and began to suffer from frequent lung infections and weight issues. Due to his weight being under the 15th percentile for his age and height, doctors performed a surgery to insert a G-J feeding tube which eventually led to a more long-term feeding tube, the mic-key button.

Over the last year and a half, Rylan has had five cases of bronchitis, three upper respiratory infections, six cases of pneumonia, RSV, and three ear infections. He sees 12 different specialists, but his complete diagnosis is still unknown. He has so far been diagnosed with developmental delay and failure to thrive. Though Rylan’s full diagnosis has remained a mystery, it has not stopped him from being a fun, adventurous two-year-old boy. He loves anything that involves outdoors, singing, dancing, and bananas.

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